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The "Nashcar" Outhouse Race
( on you mark get set..GO!!)

The "Nashcar" Outhouse Race is a highlight of the "Abe Martin's County Picnic" every year. These are very creative and inventive racing creations entered by various participants.

There are a limited number of entry positions, for this years “NashCar” Outhouse Races, still available. The requirements are simple and participation is open to personal teams as well as business sponsored teams. There are two entry types, Stock, which is built on a WCG provided base, and Modified, which is totally custom built by the entering persons or organization. Physical demands for the race are limited to participation in the Corn Hole and Plunger Toss games at which each team is awarded points based on their performance. The race itself is gravity driven, with Outhouses being released at the top of the hill in front of The Hobnob Restaurant. Winner is actually determined by the longest run before coming to a stop. Trophy’s are awarded for: Most money raised through $1 votes in the community choice voting, Corn Hole Winner, Plunger Toss Winner, Best Team Performance/Appearance Winner, and Stock Race Winner, Modified Race Winner, and Grand Champion which is determined by total number of points earned for all events.

Outhouses can be as simple or as fancy as you desire, sizes are limited though. All must be gravity driven only, must have steering to maneuver, must be built in good taste, must resemble an Outhouse, and above all, must be soundly built, sturdy, stabile, (not top heavy so as to be prone to tip over), have 4 wheels and tires that are in safe condition. For more information please contact WCG or; Jim Lawrence at 812-720-1110.

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