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Our Grants & Gifts

The We Care Gang has recived various grants and gifts from other organisations. Following is a list of those.

6/2008: We Care received an $846.00 gift from our friends at Grace Church.

7/2008: The Nashville Christian Church have formed a partnership with the We Care Gang. To start this off the young (from VBS) raised about $1000. They presented this to us at one of thier morning services.

10/2008: The We Care Gang has received a grant for $3000.00 from the Mary Elizabeth Ober Foundation. These funds are to be used for our mission which includes Food, Shelter, Health, and Basic Living needs in Brown County.

11/2008: The We Care Gang has received good news. The Brown County Presbyterian Fellowship applied for a Grant for We Care Gang, Inc., to be used to help Brown County Children that have been negatively impacted by the flooding earlier this year. We received word that $7500.00 would be designated this cause.

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